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Promoting Your Business on LiveModern

by LiveModern Webmaster last modified Nov 09, 2010 11:28 AM
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LiveModern is an online social network connecting the modern market. Many of the tools we provide are free for you to use to promote your business. This document helps you understand how to promote your business using LiveModern's free tools.



There are several ways to promote your business and reach the large and growing audience that uses LiveModern to access and share solutions to their modern housing needs.

Advertising vs Public Relations

Of course, hosting a social space for the modern market is not inexpensive, and we rely on many advertisers and sponsors to help grow our rapidly growing market. Public relations is less expensive than advertising, but always less effective as a long-term marketing strategy. By far the most cost-effective way to reach modern buyers with your solutions is to become a premium sponsor on LiveModern.

Sponsoring/Advertising on LiveModern puts your company and its products and services in front of every visitor to LiveModern, on every page. The added advantage is that you don't need to spend a lot of time to create your advertising content, time that is best devoted to satisfying paying customers that connect to your company via the LiveModern website.

As with any medium, however, you can always take your chances that readers will notice your company in LiveModern's editorial content, however it is generated. If you want to spend the time to add content to the site, you can take advantage of the simple tools that LiveModern freely provides to anyone on the site. These tools are accessible to any member, and membership registration is free. Once registered, login and use these tools:

Edit Your Profile

By far the best way to increase your visibility on LiveModern using our free tools is to comment on forum conversations or blog entries (more on this below). When you do, your name is linked as the author of the comment, and the link goes to your author profile, where member is your Login Name. In fact, if you click on this link, you'll see the author profile for the Member Account (this is a demonstration account). Notice that it is not very informative, and the vast majority of LiveModern members have an author page that looks just like this. Customizing yours will set you apart from the rest.

As an example, click on I've completed only four fields that help promote my business. You can do the same to create a customized author page for your business. In essence, your author profile is your signature file at LiveModern.

When you are logged in to your account, click on your full name in the upper right corner of any LiveModern page. From the drop down menu, select Preferences, and then click on the Personal Information tab. This takes you to a page from which personal information can be published on your author page. Enter the following information:

  1. Location—Enter your business location, the city and state/province (and country if you are not in the US). Eventually, we want to make it possible for you to see information on LiveModern that is geographically specific, based on data that you enter here, but for now only other visitors will see your location.
  2. Role—Click on the Producer radio button. Note that this information will not be made visible to other visitors to the website.
  3. Biography—Simply enter a short introductory statement about you and your business. This is probably boilerplate from your company's website or brochure.
  4. Home Page—Enter the URL for your company's web site if you have one. Be sure to start your URL with http://. If you leave this field blank, your home page on LiveModern will be linked (see below).
  5. Portrait—We suggest a small file (smaller than 50KB) that is 75 by 100 pixels. Of course, the image can be anything that is appropriate for your business, not just your portrait.

Of course, your full name and email address has already been entered (through the registration process) but you can change them here as well. Usually your actual name (instead of your company name) is best to identify you on LiveModern. When someone goes to your author page, they can send you an email message to your business email account using the form. That way, you will not expose your email address to spam harvesters that might visit our website.

Once you have edited your Personal Information page with information that will go into your author profile, click Save. Be sure to edit this information from time to time to keep it up to date.

Create Your Home Page

Besides your author page (see above) every member on LiveModern has a home page on the site. This is automatically generated for you when you register. It is a public document, but most members do not modify the page, an example of which can be found at That's usually because our members have a web presence on another site. We helped you link to it in your author profile above.

If you don't have a web presence elsewhere, you can edit your default home page on LiveModern. An example is my home page (since I do not have a web presence elsewhere): Alternatively, even if you do have a web presence elsewhere, you can create your home page here to provide information specific to LiveModern readers. And this page is very easy to edit.

To create your own home page, go to where loginname is the Login Name you use to log into your account (when you are logged in, you can get to your home page quickly by clicking on the My Folder link in the drop down menu once you in the upper right corner of any page). Click on the Edit tab, and you'll be able to edit the Title, Description and Body Text of your home page using our visual editor. When you are finished, click Save and you'll preview your home page. You can use your URL in your email signature file or wherever else you like, like links from other websites. On LiveModern, visitors will see your home page if you did not enter an external site in your Personal Information (see above).

Broadcast to LiveModern

LiveModern gets lots of press releases from companies and organizations seeking to publicize their events or products/services. Rather than publish these items for you, we've made it easy for you to publish the items yourself. All we ask is that you publish only items that are relevant to the LiveModern community. We review all submissions, and will publish your release as soon as possible, usually the same business day.

Blog Your Company

Blogs, or weblogs, are a popular way to document a process, like building a house, using the web. A blog is kind of like a diary or journal, except its contents are made public on the web. You can create a blog just about anywhere on the internet for free on sites such as blogger. Note that creating a blog to simply announce your company is usually not very effective. People who read blogs expect to see regular blog entries, so you need to have a story to tell about your company that takes time to unfold. An excellent example of how to blog your company on LiveModern is the blog by Greg La Vardera of LaMiDesign. If you are simply interested in establishing a company presence on LiveModern, use one of the methods outlined above.

Once you publish your blog, let us know about it. We can establish an RSS feed to it, and automatically publish your blog entries on LiveModern in our blogs section. Each blog entry published on our site will have a link back to your original content. If you have a blog roll (a list of website you like), we'd appreciate a listing to the LiveModern home page.

Participate in Forums and Blogs

Forums are by far the most active area on LiveModern. As a business, we encourage you to participate in forum conversations and comment on blog entries to help modernists find the best solutions to their needs. Usually this will not require you to mention your company or its products/services since readers can always click on your author name to view your author profile. Occasionally, however, it will make sense to mention specifics. That's OK as long as it is done within the context of the conversation. Per the LiveModern Terms of Use, however, we reserve the right to remove comments that are purely intended to advertise your business. When we do, we'll let you know and encourage you to advertise, or use one of the above methods to establish a presence on LiveModern.

Advertise on LiveModern

All of the free tools outlined above will help you to increase your company's visibility on LiveModern. But free visibility requires LiveModern visitors to find your content as it might be visible in one of the LiveModern content portlets for only a few days. In addition, time-sensitive content will expire, and no longer be published.

Advertising on LiveModern puts your company on every page for every visitor, especially when you select Adbrite as your advertising medium. We encourage you to increase your visibility in the LiveModern community by using one of the services above. If you have questions about our advertising services, please contact us.



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