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Crazy Craigslist-ers

by LiveModern Webmaster last modified Jan 04, 2012 04:18 AM
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by Brandy last modified Oct 05, 2011

Craigslist is a funny thing. Funny in that it can be really so great or really so awful. Conceptually (I love concepts, right?), it should be like an online swap meet. I have something I want to sell. You have … Continue reading →



Craigslist is a funny thing. Funny in that it can be really so great or really so awful. Conceptually (I love concepts, right?), it should be like an online swap meet. I have something I want to sell. You have something you want to buy. We can find each other here and make a deal if we want to.  Love it.

I have sold more than I have bought on Craigslist. There are some things I don’t like to buy used. Or maybe I have a thing for the brand-new-right-from-the-factory smell, kind of like a new car. I tend to not like anything that is fabric. I harbor some kind of belief that you can’t get cooties out of fabric. It feels too much to me like wearing other people’s shoes. I did buy a chair at Goodwill this summer that I loved, though I don’t really want to sit in it until I have it reupholstered.

You can however get them off of wood with a good scrubbing or wiping down, which is why I am completely fine picking up $10 MCM pieces like the one we got at Habitat for Humanity this summer. Brett is working on this as an entertainment center for our now-improving family room. I will share that project soon.

But it’s also the people from Craigslist that are funny. They can show up, make a good deal and leave. Or they can not show up at all, which happens more than common courtesy should allow. Or they show up, look at the piece you are selling (for a significant discount off what you paid for it) and then complain that it’s not in ‘new’ condition. Well, duh. If it were in new condition, it wouldn’t be in my house priced at 25% of what I paid for it retail.

This is all a long way of saying the tables turned on me last night. I became one of those people. One of the pieces we had listed on Craigslist was an Oriental-style rug from Pottery Barn. These rugs run anywhere from $700-900. I listed it at 9×12 for $250, knowing I’d probably negotiate down. A few people emailed about it, but one woman seemed really interested.

When we removed and sold the sofa, I saw that one edge was slightly misshapen from the sofa legs, a fact I had forgotten and felt badly about. I emailed her and told her about it, so she wouldn’t waste the trip and be disappointed. I told her if she was still interested, I’d knock it down to $150.

She and her husband came over last night to see it. The rug was the only thing in the middle of the living room and it was dwarfed by the room. I remember thinking that it looked small in there and the woman commented that it didn’t look 9×12. Brett got out a measuring tape and it was actually 8×10. Ooops.

I knocked it down again to $100. While we are discussing this, her husband is playing with our dog Baker. Baker is a dog we rescued less than a year ago. He is handsome and sweet and lovely. His one disposition issue is that he gets very skittish around men. When we brought him home, he wouldn’t go near Brett until he realized Brett was the one that fed him. Then they were fast friends.

Baker wasn’t warming up to this man though.  He started prancing around and barking.  Going up to him only to back off and bark more. Then, all of the sudden, he squats down and pees on the rug. Yes, that’s right. The rug we are standing around trying to sell. Pees on it. Right then and there.

The couple and Brett were so busy talking that no one noticed. There was a part of me for a split second that thought, maybe they won’t notice. But then I wouldn’t be able to sleep thinking that I had cheated someone and sold them a carpet with dog pee right there on it. So I point it out and assume they don’t want to buy it. I apologize profusely because I am kind of mortified. Okay, more than kind of mortified. I offer to drop it again to $75 (at Ainsley’s suggestion) thinking there is no way they will go for it.

But they do. We blot it and clean it and cover it with a towel before rolling it up. Brett and the husband take it to the car as Maeve and I stand at the doorway. She looks at me and says, ‘I can’t believe they bought it!’ She said that she saw Baker pee too and contemplated sitting on the spot hoping no one would notice. A very sweet gesture.

I explained to her that things like that always come back to bite you in the you-know-what. I told her I believed that they bought it precisely because we did tell the truth, that what you put out there comes back to you and that it’s easier to sleep at night when you know you did right.

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