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LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

by Mike Springer last modified Aug 16, 2013 12:30 AM
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LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Mike Springer at January 24. 2007

I'm a kitchen designer in St. Louis. We are doing a new display in our showroom and in an effort to showcase the "latest and greatest" we are using LED lighting in one area of the display.

We made calls to all of the lighting suppliers in St. Louis looking for a lighting showroom with LED lights. All were aware of LED but had none on display and had not sold any for residential use.

So we went to the internet and bought fixtures without knowing how they would perform. I needed under cabinet lights and puck lights that would be in view.

For the "UCL's" we went with the cyberlux company "Pro HB" fixtures. I am very impressed by them.  Each is 32" long and is similar in output to flo's or zenon lighting. The bad thing is the cost. $400+ Yikes!!!

For the pucks we went with a second company. Two pucks and transformer was $95. they are 1 watt 20 lumens. They don't put out much light and will are returning them.

We may use 3 watt pucks from We are waiting on pricing.

Verdict??...... not worth the cost. The savings in energy used is  not worth the trouble. Emagine lighting an entire home in LED at these costs. The price will come down with time but for now its a high end product for people with deep pockets.

Zenon is the most popular lighting used in kitchens now. It runs cooler that halogen and the bulbs last longer. The cost for a 30" fixture with bulbs is around $70 and pucks are about $100 for 3 pucks and 1 transformer.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Splatgirl at January 24. 2007

I'm sorry, but lighting manufacturers and their outrageous prices for $2.00 worth of parts make me laugh.  Which is not to say that I haven't forked out big dollar for a chic Italian light fixture or two in my house, but 3 puck lights for $100?  PUHLEEZE!  It seems like undercabinet lighting (along with track lighting) in particular is the biggest offender.

IKEA's TRETTIOEN LED strip light system looks great and is cheap.  And how about 4 LED pucks for $35?  Also IKEA, as are the three halogen pucks for $14.99, including transformer.

As I suggested above, the lighting in my house runs the gamut from $.99 fixtures to $500+ fixtures.  My expensive lights are no better than the cheapos, and the irony is that I've discovered that most of the time the expensive stuff is just as crappily constructed as the cheap stuff.  Paying for unique, good design I accept, but there is generally nothing at all innovative or unique about undercabinet fixtures.  And as far as Zenon running cooler goes, I have both halogen and zenon undercabinet lights in my house.  I notice absolutely ZERO difference in heat output between the two.  So yes, I accpet that on paper, Zenon may operate cooler than Halogen, but in practice, it is not a big enough difference to be a legit selling point.  The bottom line is they both crank out A LOT of heat.  And yes, maybe the bulbs last longer, but they also cost three times as much.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Mike Springer at February 07. 2007


We received the new pucks from I’m very impressed they are 3-4 times brighter than the pucks we returned from another company. They are 3 watt 3-bulb fixtures 2 ½” diam. with a heavy aluminum housing that can be surface or recessed mounted. (Model #LPL-1BK) They are cool to the touch.

We were not looking for the most affordable LED lighting but the best available at this time. They are going in our new showroom display. The fixtures would cost about $360 for 2 pucks, 1 transformer & cords.

If  I were doing LED in my own home I’d look at the fixtures from IKEA.

5 years from now this stuff will be at your local home Depot and be much cheaper to purchase. For now its still a new technology and your going to pay high prices for high quality fixtures.



Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Chuck Bail at May 23. 2007

LED has a long way to go to replace other forms of lighting in the home.  It sounds cool, but it falls down in alot of areas.

*less efficacy than fluoroecent

*electronics not tolerent to heat

*some are not dimable


*limited fixture designs available

*color of light (some good/some bad)

*requires driver (transformer)

*lamps not replaceable (varies)

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Kevin Dickson at June 20. 2007

I had the same experience.   But I also believe they are the future when the price comes down and light output goes up.

They run cool, and I think they have more lumens per watt than CFL's

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by crackerlady2007 at July 12. 2008

Howdy! I'm with  you all the way with LED's. They are way over priced... usually. We sell a few LED lights off our website, but have chosen to stick with the less expensive stuff. I have been totally shocked at how expensive they really are. Here's a link to some outdoor spots we sell on our website: These are only 8 bucks, but you can't get under cabinet lights that cheap. You can't get puck lights that cheap. Look at the automotive ones. I just paid $300 for a pair of break lights for our Expedition. Yikes! They look cool anyway, :) but ya, LED's are usually way WAY over priced. I'd actually be surprised to see them get very popular in the lighting industry. They don't diffuse right and the color rendering isn't warm like people like.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Mike Springer at November 11. 2008


Finally Lowes is carring what looks like some cheap under cabinet pucks. 25-30 bucks for three with transformer.

If you are looking for high performance LEDS I'd look to "Color Kenetics" owned by Phillips. Price continues to drop on high end LED products but very slowly.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by jamaicabraden at March 31. 2011

interesting thread. you can spot a lot of best company leds in the market. overpriced leds a somewhat preferred since they are more useful and last longer.


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Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by David at June 21. 2011

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Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by ledcabinetlight at December 12. 2011

What is led kitchen light

From clean electricity safety angle arrangement Led Kitchen light is very necessary.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Archibald john at May 09. 2012

LED lights are now much famous nowadays...No doubt this kind of lights are the caused to minimize the electric consuming and increase the beauty of your kitchen....



Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by LeeHone at May 14. 2012

One thing I'd like to mention is that if you live in California and the areas you are lighting are subject to Title 24 restrictions  (kitchens, bathrooms, closets and outdoor areas), lights are not included in the allowable fixtures, only flourescent. So  make sure you talk to your inspector and get a specific exemption for the LED bulbs/fixtures. If the inspector looks up to your ceiling and sees normal, screw-in type cans ready for your LED bulbs, you will not pass your inspection!


Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by springmaus3426 at November 08. 2012

LED lights are the good source to make decoration of your kitchen and also it consume the less energy, we can say that these lights are energy savors..

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Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by Jun Jin at December 05. 2012
You could choose led under cabinet light with 5050 smd leds, its lighting is bright enough to decorate your kitchen. 

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by tomkbruce at January 18. 2013

I will surely make use of bright color led lights.




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Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by luo yang at May 23. 2013

LED bulbs have a number of advantages over both halogen lights and incandescent light bulbs. In fact, from an environmental perspective, one can easily argue that CFL bulbs, while reducing demand for electricity, will cause tremendous harm. This is a way to enhance the festive mood and also welcome guests on any special occasions. With some wall lights, coloured filters are also available to heighten the glow. You will find that both flexible and fixed LED light strips can be created to the exact length and specifications you need, helping you create even, efficient, clear light in your entire display or across your entire counter.For more information: led corn bulbs,led corn light,led bulbs corn,new led lights.

Re: LED kitchen lighting –My experience.

Posted by mari tari at August 16. 2013

I actually like the Cool White bulbs, and have them in most rooms except one of the downstairs toilets, which now has warm white ones.

The only reason for the warm white lights is that I have MR16 replacements and its now seems harder to get them as cool white.


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