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modern bathroom tile

by Vikas Wadhwa last modified Jul 31, 2010 02:18 AM
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modern bathroom tile

Posted by Vikas Wadhwa at April 30. 2006

does anyone know where to get a tile like the one shown in the picture? also, any idea what material it is?


Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Jeff Jasper at May 01. 2006

looks like porcelain tile, have not seen any like it. Might be normal 18x18 or larger tiles carefully cut into strips. But the euro tile manufacturers have some sweet stuff similar to this which we never see in the States. I know the tile manufacturer I got our tile from has a ton of product they don't bring here from Italy that looks really sweet.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by JB at May 01. 2006

Waterworks sells a limestone that called Columbino Limestone that is likely what this photo is of. But it's like $26/sqft.
A similar look can be had from a line by Floor Gres and their Globe line of porcelain that comes in many formats that give you great flexibility. You can get that for $9/swft.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Gregory La Vardera at May 01. 2006

I also think that is long narrow stone tiles. It looks like a honed finish. It could be a grey marble or even a granite. I'm not familiar with a grey limestone but it very well could be.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Brandon J. Gore at May 02. 2006

We can fabricate tiles that look exactly like this out of concrete. We are actually preparing to create similar tiles for a client that is planning to tile the floor and then run the tiles vertically up one wall. Should be pretty cool when it's done.

If interested in a quote, email me your spec's including the quantity needed ( ). The benefit of using concrete is that you can get the exact size you want as well as the exact color you are looking for.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by ThreeDogKnight at May 02. 2006

If you make them out of concrete, how thick will they be? Are you using some sort of rebar or mesh in the pour?

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Brandon J. Gore at May 03. 2006

They would be 1/2-3/4 thick depending on the design spec's. We fabricate tiles using GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), which is much stronger and lighter than regular concrete.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Adam Burke at May 06. 2006

due to the corner finish and slight irregularity, I think it's cut stone, probably a smooth black slate if I were to guess. It would take some real care to cut strips that evenly. I came across that shower just the other day myself. Where did you see it?

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Vikas Wadhwa at May 08. 2006

it's a development in Seattle that has it, as well as one in's on my website now...

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Krista Atkins Nutter at May 09. 2006
In this month's Dwell (June 2006) on page 192 there looks to be the same or similar tile on the floor of a master bath. The caption says the tile is by Ann Sacks. Thanks.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by luca uggeri at May 11. 2006

my guess would be a Venis tile from the Porcelanosa group of companies.
As I am picking finishes for our home, I have a 2005 catalog that shows something similar (identical?).
The name of the tile is Miniblock Ossido Negro. A similar one is Multiblock Oniker Negro.
I picked up the catalog in Miami at Porcelanosa Florida from a sales lady named Mimi.
I did not see the tile in question when I was there, but it does look great. I am looking at the Miniblock Retia Marfil.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Jeff Kalm at May 11. 2006

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by jay kammen at May 21. 2006

a company called coverings etc makes a beautiful porcelain tile- ASIA is the name- they're long and thin, are completely flat and have crisp edges/corners. nice colors, too. i haven't seen it installed, but i have samples. another great thing about it is that it is a very green material because it's made out of recycled materials. it's less than $10/sf and they also make a 3/4x3/4 mosaic version (on 12 sq sheets) for only $5/sf. i ordered these for my bathroom (sadly i can't afford the asia tile)

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by flyleft at May 27. 2006

Note re installation costs: for our master bath I'm getting some very simple unglazed through-body porcelain tile in 18x18 (actually 45cm x 45cm) and the original idea was to cut it into rectangular strips of varying heights...there was no tilesetter who wanted to touch that because setting those many tiles that tightly (I want tiny grout lines, no bigger than 1/16) would be too challenging in terms of maintaining perfect vertical columns etc. Wanted significant upcharges for such installation, *even assuming* I had cut them perfectly (I'd offered to do the cutting; I've practiced and am willing to take the risk). Even, theoretically, if I'd bought pre-cut, definitely pre-sized tiles. The line was I have to *handle* that many tiles individually, so that's where the labor cost comes in. For comparison, many small glass tiles are premounted on mesh or paper, so they aren't handled individually.

I suspect that a lot of tilesetters are about to get a surprise as this style comes more and more into fashion. At this point, we're just going to cut them into 9x18 and do it all ourselves. The tiles are very regular in size (the ones I've measured, and I've measured several from different boxes) I might put in a few 6x18s just for the fun of it :)

Good for you!

Posted by Krista Atkins Nutter at May 28. 2006

Good for you flyleft. These tile setters and other tradespeople will start thinking twice before criticizing a design decision, once they start loosing jobs when the owners decide to DIY. You can see from the blogs and forums here on livemodern and from the pages of Dwell, that there are many owners who are fully capable of doing professional level work in the absence of tradespeople who are willing to attempt something they've never done before. I can agree that there is more handling in a smaller format, but that doesn't stop them from doing standard 4x4 wall tiles does it? It sounds like there would be no more handling in your situation than a standard 4x4 wall installation, so what's their real problem? The problem is that they have no vision - they can't see past what they've done in the past. If they've never done it before, they can't envision how it will turn out, so they don't want to take the risk. Because they have no vision, they assume no one else does, so they don't trust you either. The problem is in their head, not with your tile or your design idea. Stick to it, and post pics when you're done!

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Ian McLagan at June 03. 2006

The people who referenced the European manufacturers such as Floor Gres (we're using them) and similar are correct in that you can get them for $6 - $10 sq. foot in a choice of finishes (hammered, matte, semi-glass, gloss) already perfectly cut (rectified) for small grout lines.

These guys now have perfected natural looking stones in a porcelain tile.

For an even more modern look, use a stacked bond rather than a running bond.

We studied articles and books about spas more than residential books.

BTW, the other nice thing about this approach is that you can get matching tiles up to 2' x 2' for floors and, slip-proof mosaics down to 1 x 1 for shower floors to give that true spa look.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by flyleft at June 11. 2006

peakjunkie, I wish I'd been able to find some rectangles for less than maybe $8/sf in our area. The tile I got I was quite lucky to get (it was a closeout) at $3/sf...the cutting will be tedious but not un-accomplishable--I think of it as making a mosaic :) We're doing the stacked bond too. I kept turning down pages or sending myself websites(usually European or Australian) that had that particular look.

Thanks, knutter. I don't understand it either, when they charge no more for 4x4s, and I was going to be responsible for making sure the tiles are straight before starting. I have to admit, avoiding risks is just not the way my family works...but I respect that tilesetters who have to warranty their work can sometimes feel that they just want to keep delivering a time-tested product and get it done fast enough to make decent money. Not a tilesetter *I* want to work with, of course...I'll post pics, but don't expect them for a while :)

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by jimmie bowman at June 16. 2006

you should check with a pool tile store... they have really neat tiles that you can't find anywhere else....

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by flyleft at June 27. 2006

Happy update on this: I found a tilesetter here who is completely willing to set the 9x18 rectangles and even some 6 and 3 in each column. Anal as I am I've already worked out the specific layout.

He's also letting me grind off the factory edges (the tile's not rectified) so that we can use 1/16 groutlines. This could be a cause for concern, but I'll take my time and be very careful. I'm into details.

He's very knowledgeable, just also open-minded and probably has a more contemporary design sense than the other guys I interviewed.

Cross fingers/press thumbs for the 12th...that's when we start, supposedly.

Good idea about the pool tile store, unfortunately too late for me, but still a good idea.

Re: modern bathroom tile

Posted by Paul Henry at July 31. 2010

If it's not too late for the others who havn't done yet their project, you can try this one, there is a big range of different tile with modern design vanity.

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