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Kitchen Cabinets

by darren macri last modified Feb 14, 2013 06:22 PM
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Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by mjfree at August 20. 2005

Warning - the Arclinea site is another modern cabinet supplier website that is next to impossible to navigate. On top of that, you click on one or their collections and the first picture you see is a bell pepper. Hello - how about showing your cabinets!

Does anybody have feedback on these cabinets?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Dace Krasts at August 22. 2005

Tell me about the countertops in those IKEA kitchen photos. Are those too from IKEA?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by sojay at August 22. 2005

Someone mentioned painted cabinets earlier. I'm thinking of getting my formica cabinets painted in an auto paint shop. Has anyone here done that? Do they get so glossy that every finger print shows?

As for color inspiration, what colors do you like for a modern kitchern? In the catalogs I see gray and gray and some white and now more and more glossy black. I'd love to reface with wood, but that's not in my budget. They are currently gray, and even though I like gray, I want something warmer to contrast with so much else that's gray and st steel.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by David at August 23. 2005

very nice stuff. this is my take on the euro lines. Pogenpolh (SP?) and Bulthaup are german and the most expensive, a medium size kitchen 10' x 10' around 40K-70K for cabs and counters.
Arclinea, the best for the money (IMHO) same quality as the germans but about half price, 25K-40K, cabs, counters.
Varenna and Scavolini, varena is a bit more around 25-35K Scavolini 15K-25K and quality is similar. not quite arclinea but not the $$$ either. the biggest issue i have noticed in the showrooms is the install quality. that will make the difference in the end, if everything lines up nice and the corners all tight, etc etc etc.

Overall for economy I think Scavolini is great, not the same look and feel as an Arclinea but cheaper to.

For the best for the money i would go with Arclinea, noticeable difference from Scavolini and varenna but not noticeable from Bulthaup or Pogenpol and about half the price.

Best of the best i would have to say Bulthaup, the perfection is there, the style and finishings are the best hands down, but you will pay 75K for cabs which is pretty outragous.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Christine Ring at August 24. 2005

I've been surprised by how affordable custom cabinetry can really be. I was planning on using Ikea cabinets, but my meddling mother called a cabinetmaker and sent him to my house. I didn't think I could afford him because I've seen the high-end kitchens that he's done before, but he's building cabinets for my kitchen and two baths all for $3500. I'm not going with anything terribly exotic, but he did say that the glass doors on nine of my cabinets make up half of the budget. Also, I'm in love with my formica countertop. I never thought I'd like laminate, but it's easier to care for than granite or solid-surface. And the color I have (galaxy black) hides dirt so well, that I have no idea when it's dirty. I end up cleaning it several times a day just because I'm not sure whether it needs it. I also haven't noticed any scratches, and I believe the countertop is twenty years old. It's the only thing staying in the new kitchen.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Skip Doogan at September 02. 2005

Can you give me the phone number of the cabinet maker? That sounds like a great deal!
Perhaps your mother is subsidizing the cost, unbeknownst to you?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Christine Ring at September 10. 2005

My mother's paying for the cabinets, so there's no reason for her to lie. I got the impression that he wants to experiment with my kitchen. There isn't much of a market for modern kitchens in my area - colonial and country seem to rule the roost here. There's a lot of new construction in the area though, and it's geared toward younger homebuyers. I think he wants to practice on me so that he can get into some of these large projects.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Angie Bell at September 11. 2005

My husband and I have a temporary living space that will eventually be a rental apartment on our property and we did a very cheap kitchen that is simple yet decent looking. He used Sandi-ply (available at H. Depot) for the bases and the countertops and door/drawer fronts. Total cost about $400. We painted the bases and polyed everything else and we're satisfied. While not everyone is handy, nor desires to be, I cringe at the thought of a $50K kitchen. One could buy materials, a table saw, go take a cabinetry class at a local college, and have life skills that forever come in handy for a fraction of the cost. I recognize that many don't have the space to make cabinets, but if you do, it's a worthwhile investment to learn those simple skills.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Darren Bradley at September 15. 2005

When we remodeled our place, we researched every conceivable option. We really wanted Boffi or Bulthaup, but didn't have the budget to support them. We also spoke to many local cabinet makers that had come highly recommended and had all done modern, European-style cabinets and claimed to do them for a very reasonable price. But frankly, they were all still way over what we were prepared to pay (given we were remodeling and relandscaping the ENTIRE house and had to stretch our money pretty thin). Plus, we thought it was more important to spend the money on quality appliances than on cabinetry, since we love to cook and entertain. So we kept coming back to IKEA. I can attest that the quality of their kitchens is several steps above their regular furnishings. And we got the kitchen we were looking for at about one-tenth the price we would have otherwise payed in the best case scenario.


and after (everything in the kitchen, including the countertops, is IKEA - save the appliances, sink, and faucet):

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Peter Marrek at September 16. 2005

I have done a few kitchens mixing Home Depot boxes and custom mdf doors. Have even used the cheapest straight cut Home Depot doors.

Finished them with automotive paint. Thousands of colors to choose from, extremely durable, and UV protection. Very highend looking.

I've used both regular clear and satin clear coats. Polishes great too.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Maggie Penn at September 19. 2005

I love your Ikea kitchen. Your kitchen and the Ikea kitchen on the previous page make me more excited about getting a laminate countertop. We're putting in cherry slab cabinets in a natural / honey-ish hue. We'll have white walls and an old (um, full of character) dark terracotta floor. House is woodsy 70's post-and-beam construction. Does anyone have any ideas about countertop colors? We like Formica's oxygen and grasshopper but can't tell whether they clash with the floors or which one is better...

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by R. Jason Coulston at September 21. 2005

We're pretty deep into conversations with a Leicht dealer. Has anybody had experiences with these? The quote actually came in far lower than I originally expected, which was surprising considering anybody we came into contact with regarding Leicht immediately started complaining about the high price. Don't get me wrong, they're definitely more expensive than some, but no more than a couple of other designers we spoke with and the quality and design are right up our alley. We went to in Costa Mesa, CA.

So far, we're pretty excited about them, but we're always interested in hearing alternate opinions.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by kayne bancroft at September 21. 2005

I checked out the site, they look nice. I have never seen this particular brand at the kitchen shows in Milan, but seeing as they have been around 75 years they must be doing something right. If it's in your budget I say go for it. If you can afford to stay away from Ikea then I would. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to cabinets.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by R. Jason Coulston at September 21. 2005

My buddy had IKEA cabinets installed and he's regretted it ever since. He had fitment problems from the start and the overall look isn't very hot. They were nice for awhile immediately following the installation, but just two years of general use has already worn hard on them.

The Leicht cabinets have a really nice fit and finish and I love the smaller details. I'm one of those culinary school guys so I have TONS of kitchen gear. Leicht has storage solutions which speak to me. However, I think for roughly the same price I could probably find real wood as opposed to the laminate they use. We'll see. I haven't commited any money yet to the designer at KitchenConcept so I can always change on the fly if I see something I like better.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by kayne bancroft at September 22. 2005

Do you mean laminate for the carcase (box) or laminate for the doors and drawer faces?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by R. Jason Coulston at September 22. 2005

Laminate for the doors and drawer faces.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Jeff Jasper at September 23. 2005

In maybe a month or two I will start taking orders for European designed cabinets that are manufactured in China for import into the US. I just got back from there in an effort to find something with the same quality as the European manufacturers but with MUCH more modest prices. They will have all Blum hardware with blumotion drawers and cabinet doors, as well as lots of storage options.

Price wise they should come in around twice the price of Ikea, but with MUCH higher quality.


Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by kayne bancroft at September 23. 2005

There must be more options for your doors and drawer faces. laminates are fine for some kitchens, it depends on the look you are trying to get. what kind of laminate are you considering? ie: colored laminates in glossy or matte, wood tone, etc. are you looking for a wood veneer? glossy or matte lacquer? let me know what you are looking to do and I would be happy to look over your bid for you. (I am in the kitchen business) see my store at I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm just here to help.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Jeff Kalm at September 23. 2005

nick, have you ever had anyone use your base cabinets for clothes storage? I am playing with the idea of instead of buying an armoire or building a closet in my bedroom remodel of using base cabinets for a kitchen for hanging room and then drawer bases for a dresser. topped with a concrete counter. instant modern wall divider also.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by kayne bancroft at September 27. 2005

No we have never used them for bedroom furniture, but you could. remember it's just a box, whatever you put in it is up to you!

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Jeff Jasper at October 03. 2005

Hey all, I just wanted to say I posted a web site up with pictures of the design choices we were offered for our cabinets, we went with London

We finished the design phase of the project and we figured out a good way to swap files so that went smooth. Next they build them and we import them in, and we do our install if that all goes smooth too then I am going to start importing them in for others.

I am pretty excited about it. They have excellent quality. Only drawbacks vs. the European manufacturers is they will measure your kitchen and they will install for you. I am also not sure what kind of warranty they give, but pretty much with these once they are delivered they are yours to get installed correctly. You will also have to do your own measuring. I would handle the design and translation and payments and such. Some of the companies like Scavolini also have MANY styles to choose from and many sizes of cabinet boxes. This is a little more closer to Ikea in choice. They also don't do ANY traditional kitchens although I doubt that would be a problems for anyone here.

If you have some more styles you are interested in, I have a couple other manufacturers I can work with who also have some great offerings. They are all chinese operations though, where as the company I am working with is a joint venture between a French design company and one of China's largest appliance manufacturers.

One good thing they do have that Ikea doesn't is you have a choice of counter heights so they will work well if you are in a wheelchair or under 5'2.

They also do backslashes in various acrylic colors or metal (have your choice between polishes or brushed finished). They do countertops (Corian, LG,and a sweet looking black glass one that is in the image I posted above)

So these are not a replacement for European cabinets, but something for those looking for cabinets with better quality than Ikea but more modest prices than the European manufacturer. To give you an idea our kitchen will have approx. 21 linear feet of cabinets most of that with both upper and base cabinets, I will probably sell those for around $6500 plus shipping.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Sara Bishop at January 02. 2006

Wow. The kitchen looks great. We are contemplating the same Abstrakt white cabinets (that is what it is, right?). Now that you have had them for a while, how are they holding up? How did the installation go? Did you do it yourself? Also, would you mind telling me what appliances you ended up with? Thanks so much.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Gregory La Vardera at January 10. 2006


I just learned of this cabinet company located in Chicago. They are made in chicago but have the look I usually associate with italian brands:


Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by josh laird at January 11. 2006

thought I'd tell you my experience with my kitchen. I'm actually still trying to decide which way to go. My challenge has been trying to find a mid-priced kitchen(when I say mid-priced, I mean 15K-25K) that has the option of stainless door fronts. This has been HARD! I know Ikea has them, but didn't want to go that route. The other thing that makes this a challenge is I need to find a dealer in my area.(albany, NY) So I've found four companies so far: Wood-Mode, QuakerMaid, Crystal, and Omega. The Wood-Mode is really pushing my spending limits. The other ones I've yet to get a quote. If anybody knows of any options, please let me know.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Jeff Jasper at January 23. 2006

My experience was that I ran into all kinds of problems finding good quality cabinets for decent prices. We were about to go to Ikea when I took a trip with my wife to China to visit her family and go to a big furniture trade show there. Saw a lot of cool stuff there mixed in with the loads of junk people normally associate with China. We decided to import cabinets made in China by a french company called Pianor that worked with a Chinese company called Canbo. We got a good deal, more expensive than Ikea, but the quality was great. Shipping was a huge pain even with my wife working in the import business and speaking fluent Chinese. And obviously importing from China is a big risk since you have no warranty any more.

Since then it seems like decent companies are peeking up locally. We have since ordered our bathroom cabinets from Kraftmaid with their Venicia line. They range in price from cheap for the melamine stuff to expensive for the wood and glossy stuff. I REALLY like Henrybuilt and probably would have gotten my kitchen cabinets through them even though they probably would have been a lot more than we paid for ours. There is a guy named Ian on here who builds some great looking custom stuff, and the pictures right above look fantastic (hope the prices are good too). I wouldn't shy away from Ikea stuff either. Ikea boxes can be beefed up with a little extra work to make them pretty rock solid. Their laminates and such seem to be as good as most others. Only issue with Ikea is there limited box size selection (ran into the same issue with their PAX closet stuff, only two freakin' widths!). Scavolini has some fantastic stuff that ranges from moderately pricey to expensive and looks outstanding, plus they have a monster selection of boxes to fit any kitchen.

Ikea is still the price king, heck they are cheaper than the companies I found in China! In some cases a lot cheaper. Not sure how they do that.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Cass Wright at January 24. 2006

We've been looking for affordable high-quality cabinets with the sleek look of Boffi, SieMatic, Poggenpohl, etc. Really want a high-gloss lacquer (not laminate). Love the looks quality of ArcLinea and Leicht. I would appreciate hearing other people's perceptions of the relative costs of these brands. Anybody have them installed in their kitchens?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Jeff Jasper at January 24. 2006

Back when we were looking for kitchens we checked out Scavolini, Poggenpohl, Boffi, and many more. Scavolini was the most reasonable euro-cabinets we could find, but they were still about $20,000 for a laminate style kitchen. Their lacquer stuff it more expensive. Poggenpohl is even more expensive and Boffi is through the stratosphere in cost. I was kind of lucky in that pretty much all the big euro companies are all in one building here in Beverly Hills so it was easy to compare.

Ikea has some high-gloss lacquer cabinets in blue (similar to the blue above) if you want an integrated handle and white and black if you don't. If you want more choice Kraftmaid has a lot more color choices but they will run you about 1.5-2X as much as Ikea.

I have to say that of the kitchen companies we talked to the Scavolini salespeople were the most friendly and helpful. They were not as snooty as a lot of the other high-end places and they were more knowledgeable and helpful than the Lowes/HD types and Ikea people.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Steven at January 25. 2006

I am in process of redoing my kitchen. I put in 16 multicolor slate flooring, gold venetian plaster on walls, stainless appliances, blue granite countertops. For the top cabinets I am ordering aluminum frame/frosted glass doors and i am painting bottom cabinets with aluminum paint you use for your outdoor LP tank and a few coats of poly. I'll put up some pics when I'm done.

I have used that aluminum paint and poly coats on various pieces of crap wood furniture and doors and they turn out unbelievable. A gallon will damn near cover your whole house too.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Dana Killion at January 29. 2006

lavarda - thanks for the Unico Chicago link. I'm going to look at them this week.

jlaird - Haven't used these guys but they do stainless doors and/or cabinets.

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by uncleho at January 31. 2006

Ideally, I think some of us middleclassers would have our money go farther with a local finish carpenter/cabinetry maker that is in tune with european-style cabinet construction.

The materials are not complex or hard to source... well, except maybe the steel/aluminum fascias, but even that can be had if one could settle for laminates.

Hafele, Blum, Hettich, Mepla/Alfit are major sources of european cabinet makers' hardware. Even one of them sells metal-framed, glass doors! And if you cannot afford those doors, you COULD think out of the box and go to your local picture frame store and BUY heavy metal frames with thicker glass. Then just buy good hinges and BINGO!

The problem is FINDING these cabinetry makers. Everyone tells me there are tons in Ann Arbor, MI, but I can never find any. All look like they want to puke on me when I show them example pics. Evidently the antique stuff from This Old House is what is high quality to them.

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