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What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

by Vikas Wadhwa last modified Jan 26, 2014 04:38 AM
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Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by Ryan Mathern at November 14. 2005

Custom Cabinetry in the Atlanta Area.

Here's a link to my website. Both kitchens labeled Suki and Riffel would be built and installed for under 15k including a premium countertop. That's custom designed, built, and installed by the same people with changes and adaptations done very quickly.

While I've never built a kitchen and shipped it somewhere for someone else to install, I would consider it.

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by LS at November 14. 2005

RMCF, Verry very nice! I like Suki and Riffel very much. Did you make the stools in the Suki link as well? Thanks for providing the links. Your prices sound almost unbelievable if you say that that sum includes countertop and installation!

kayne, I have indeed read your posts. Thanks so much for that information about the kitchen grade particle board. I don't remember but I don't think the guts of the IKEA panel I saw was green.

Regarding getting ripped off or not. As I mentioned in my post above, it appears that the higher end European cabinet dealers are padding the prices by 100%. That says that the same kitchen that sells at 25K-30K in Europe sells at 50K (in fact more, because apparently shipping costs are also added and then doubled). Now, THAT is the issue that bothers me - would you not call that a ripping off? I don't begrudge them their $25K price but then to double that?! I guess the principle is whatever the market will pay.

Lastly, I have a BMW - 4 years old). Boston streets are awful and hell on cars - no less my BMW. I've had to have repairs on the suspension each year now for the past 3 years - since I started driving in Boston. As you can imagine, repairs on BMWs cost you. But I don't get irked because I don't expect my car not to have issues on these awful roads. Similarly, if getting rained on all night damages a kitchen cabinet door, I can't get too excited. If another door withstands a 3 week soaking, it seems to me that customer $$$ are going to pay to make it bullet proof in ways that it doesn't need to be - why does a kitchen cabinet door need to be able to withstand rainstorms and submerging in a pool? I'd be more impressed if you could tell me that your cabinet [em]boxes[/em] withstood a sink leak for 3 weeks since that is far more likely to happen than submerging the door fronts. Nevertheless, thanks so much for your response.

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by kayne bancroft at November 14. 2005

Mindstorm, thanks for the feedback. I am not suggesting that the doors were purposely designed to take a 3 week soak. it was just a funny story. (she meant to just go overnite but forgot)
unfortunatley I don't have any stories for the boxs'. Yes I agree with you about overcharging, I don't do it and I don't condone it. I cant speak for poggenpohl dealers or even other Scavolini dealers for that matter. We are all independent and can charge what we want. I go as low as I can and still make a profit. I really hope you can get what you are after for your budget. Keep us posted!

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by C J at November 15. 2005

A bit off topic but here goes: I have to say Kayne, I don't care for your car analogy. I love a design of the new A3's, A4's and A6's, and I loved the last Passats and Jetta's (whats up with all that ugly chrome on the new one's?). However after owning a Passat and considering an A3 I started realizing that all you are paying for is style and some bells and whistles (although the suspension was particularly good). The whole Volkswagon/Audi family is unreliable as hell and has been steadily going down hill. There is a web page call my VW lemon devoted to their quality. Performance, reliablity, and quality are all beaten by cars which are often cheaper than VW's or Audi's. I know Kia's and Hyundais aren't all that great but Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, etc. will all kick the living crap out of VW/Audi in just about everythign but styling (and that is left to taste). Back to topic, I often tell me wife modernism in America is like the difference between a VW/Audi and a Japanese car. You are paying extra for style, not quality. Now obviously IKEA is meant to be cheap. There is probably a market for upgraded cabinetry that isn't imported from Europe that fits the demand of most of us.

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by kayne bancroft at November 15. 2005

CJ, sorry to bum you out about the car analogy. would it have made you feel better if I used Mercedes? just kidding, I don't want to get into a big thing about cars in here. I respect your opinion and would agree that there is a demand that is not being filled by the US cabinet manufactuers. Just like everyone else in here I looked for something modern made here but the stuff available was and is not very good in my opinion.

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by Sara Bishop at December 31. 2005

How do you find sales for display kitchens? Is there an online source or do you just need to contact individual showrooms? We live in NYC and are interested in going this route. Thanks for your input,

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by kayne bancroft at January 03. 2006

I am selling one of my display kitchens. It is Scavolini, model Vega in white glossy laminate. go to and check out our showroom it's the white one. call me if you have any questions. 775 786 6328

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 08. 2006

I saw this post earlier today and did not want to pollute it by asking a new question different from the original poster. But - there seems to be numerous kitchen experts on here so - I thought I'd refer you to my post.

Whereas - this poster is looking for a completely new kitchen - I bought a home with a very nice kitchen that isn't my style. Since much of the discussion here focused on cabinets - and I'd like to keep my overall kitchen - but change the doors, pulls, veneer's to a modern look - is anyone aware of a cabinet refacing or remodel that makes a modern contemporary product that would mimic the look of many of the cabinets listed in this thread?

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by Jacob Falin at January 31. 2006

I'm new to the board and took my time to read this whole thread because I will very soon be remodeling my kitchen. I personally visited some high-end kitchen stores in my area, namely Arc Linea, Poggenpohl and Poliform and found their appearance and quality to be exceptional, value not. Their high cost is attributed to the fact that they are custom made often in a country where the labor costs are quite high as well. Sure you get more bells and whistles, but unless you are doing a kitchen in a house where you'll be living for a long time and/or have money to burn, I don't think the premium is justified. The estimate I got from Poggenpohl was $26k which is over 10 times more than Ikea! I'm kind of surprised at some people who say that their Ikea cabinets have quality/finish issues. I had cabinets from Ikea in my previous house and used it for five years with no problems whatsoever, so with confidence I can say that Ikea's quality was not in any way questionable for me. The only small drawback is that their cabinets come only in several pre-made sizes, so you have to play with the design a little to achieve a good fit and if you want to save some money, you have to put them together yourself (and it looks like the Ikea system is becoming popular with others- check out However in comparison to pricey high-end manufacturers, Ikea cabinets are mass produced, mass shipped by a high volume retailer and doubt that they are made in Germany or Italy, which makes them much more affordable and not necessarily low quality (my ipod is even made in china!). I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Ikea uses Blum branded hinges in their cabinets, exactly like these found in high-end cabinets. I'd rather splurge on a nice counters and appliances, because nobody will give you extra $20k for your house come selling time when you tell them you have Poggenpohl cabinets.

Re: What can $20,000 get me for a modern kitchen?

Posted by Ami Kio at February 03. 2006

I've been looking at kitchen cabinets for a remodel, and I'm trying to get a rough estimate of kitchen cabinet costs. I've been assuming that we will mimic the current contents layout of kitchen, which means that we'd need:
- 32 of base cabinet (vertical doors) with corresponding upper cabinets (vertical doors)
- 54 of base cabinet (vertical doors) with corresponding upper cabinets (vertical doors)
- a corner base cabinet unit (vertical doors) that's 18 in either direction
- 18 of base cabinet (vertical doors)
- 40 of base cabinet (horizontal drawers for pots to go underneath a 36 cooktop)
- 30 of upper cabinets that go above a dual oven
- 36 of upper cabinets that go above a fridge
It's a U-shaped kitchen with very little counterspace that's 118 wide x 148 long.

We modeled our kitchen in IKEA's CAD program that conveniently price quotes the contents of your kitchen, and Akurum/Adel cabinets alone were roughly $4k. I just got a very very rough price quote for henrybuilt modular, and it was $14k. Relatively speaking, that's pretty good for the supposed (not being sarcastic here, just can't speak 1st or even 2nd hand about it) quality. Being in TX makes it difficult to work with them (Seattle), but the very few personal comments that I've found via Google speak very highly of them. FWIW, the folks at henrybuilt seem pretty nice, and they've said that they have a couple of suggestions to modernize my '80s layout kitchen. Makes me wish that they weren't so far away so I could see the quality of their product for myself. :/

Posted by Farfa at February 09. 2006
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