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Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

by Thomas Zdon last modified Nov 08, 2012 10:43 PM
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Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 08. 2006

I bought a home where the kitchen had been completely redone - its vary nice from a company called WoodMode. It has amazing details like a 6 foot long pull out buffet table. The issue is that its absolutely not our style. Its white with rounded mouldings etc.

We'd also like to move the kitchen to the exact opposite side of the house where naturally measurements wouldn't be identical - so we'd add some fake fronts or have custom pieces built to match.

In reading the 20,000 kitchen topic I came up with a thought - would it be possible to move my existing cabinets across the way to the other room and reface them to something modern.

It seems like a couple of options were presented that might make sense - such as just having doors done and some laminate addition? I've checked out cabinet refacing companies but from what I can see- they do lots in the traditional look space but I've found nother in the European Kitchen look - meaning like the Scavolini, Bultrup or Poggenpuhl (I'm sure I've spelled them wrong) look and feel.

If this stuff is out there it would be great since the cabinets seem totally good quality - and if a lot of cost is in those - why not reuse what I've got - especially since its less than 8 years old.

I really don't want to invest 30-50k in a new kitchen as with the extra's this one has (wrap around wine bar, breakfast bar, top hanging see through cabinets - is really ok. Its just the color, knobs, and raised panels that I don't like.


Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 08. 2006

Here is a picture of some of the kitchen cabinets


Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 08. 2006

And here is another


Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Jeff Jasper at January 09. 2006

Since they are white you can just swap for flat white doors and some modern hardware and you are done, instant modern kitchen. The rest of the lines look very straight and simple, only the doors and pulls have a traditional look.

You might want to change countertops too.

Found a company that provides stainless and aluminum

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 12. 2006

Just curious how I would do the sides - and what the insides would look like with the doors open - since they are off-white.


Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by josh laird at January 12. 2006


What company does the stainless fronts that you found? I'm looking for the same thing. So far, I've found and

The lasertron look like they are good quality. I just got a quote from them for 6 A-drawers and 3 stainless/glass doors for $1500. Not too bad.

I'm doing a whole new kitchen and instead of paying 30G's for a new Wood-Mode kitchen, I'm thinking about doing a 10K Kraftmaid kitchen with $1500 worth of stainless/glass fronts. This way, I'm getting the same exact look of my 30K Wood-Mode quote for less than half!

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Thomas Anderson at January 13. 2006

Here is another source for stainless steel kitchen cabinetry. They have an online price list for an easy comparison.

Found those at Maplecraft

Posted by Thomas Zdon at January 14. 2006

Its really friggin outrageous is what it is! The more I research this the more angry I get. The prior owner left us with a complete folder on the kitchen install they did. It was a company in Sunrise Florida - and they spent 55k? Can you believe that? For that much money the kitchen ought to cook my meals for me. I mean - its JUST storage for jabezzus sake!

I knew we had every option under the sun - like the 6' pull out dining buffet table, the wine bar with wine rack and cooler - etc. Its nice - but it isn't my taste.

I sit here thinking what idiot would rip out a 55k kitchen to put in a new kitchen just to change the look? Which is exactly what every kitchen place I've spoken too wants me to do. So instead of saying - hey - we have a service that will let you pay us 10-15k to update the look - I walk out and they get nothing.

I mean - this one is definatly holding up to the lifetime promise - the cabinets look like they are brand new with zero sign of deterioration - yet in order to get a new look from Wood Mode or others you have to rip out the whole structure. I mean - really? Everything was done, plumbed, installed, etc. You'd think a smart supplier would say - hey - we sold the kitchen - no one is going to spend another 60k within 5-10 years on a new one - lets sell a reface kit to change looks - that way we can make more money. Figure if they did it economically - a person might change the look of a kitchen 2-3 times over its life. Thats say - 45k additional on an initial sale of 50k. But they don't. They want you to buy a whole new kitchen.

Sorry for venting - but I just got back from three kitchen places where the mention of the word reface was like I just pulled down my pants and took a ---- on the showroom floor. And the attitude of the sales folks - I say I'm not willing to spend another 50k for a new kitchan and you get this attitude of well if you can't afford it... well you know what - I could afford it - I could also take my money and flush it down a toilet - but I'm not doing that either.

Also - I've had a nightmare of a time finding refacers here in SoFla. Tons of New Kitchen places - and the Sears service offers a minimum of cabinet styles that I find frankly - one just slightly uglier than the previous.

Anyone had any experience with Home depot? They offer a service - but there is no web site to see what they do... so you have no idea if its worth the time to have them come out. I'd rather not waste their time if they can't do what I want.

In any event - I've been now thinking about getting refaced with a Formica Wood Veneer Natural Bubinga - on their site. Problem is I find most cabinet places sell RTF or MDF or other - yet I can't seem to find good reviews of which of these is best for longevity and durability. I'd prefer real wood - since that is what I have now - real wood with a wood veneer could be nice. Anyone found some? Then there is the question of what do you do inside the cabinets? I could just have them painted or just not worry about it - as offwhite kinda goes with anything. I don't know - too much to think about for what I thought might be a fun entertaining 1-2 week project.


Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Jeff Jasper at January 15. 2006

Bog box stores will probably be of little help. I would actually look into local custom cabinet makers and try and find one who is willing to work with you on your ideas. If you find the right artisan they will be happy for the work and you will be happy with the work they supply.

All the big box places want to do is sell the product and most don't really know much about what they are selling. Make sure to check out the cabinet makers work, should have a photo book, and see if they have done any similar projects.

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by kayne bancroft at January 15. 2006

tzdon, sorry to hear you're having such a tough time getting what you need. People come into my showroom all the time wanting to have their cabinets refaced. I also turn them down, (respectfully) You have to understand that refacing of cabinets is really a totally different business than installing new cabinets. I don't do it not out of snobbery or anything. I dont do it because we are not set up to do that type of work. Find a company that specializes in refacing, or like jjasper's advice, hire a custom guy. I know it seems weird that a cabinet shop will not do certian jobs (like refacing) it just boils down to what that business specializes in.

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Nancy Stronczek at February 10. 2006

While viewing another post under Materials and Methods, I saw this link: This is for cabinet refacing, and it seems pretty affordable. I don't know how good the product or the company is, though.

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Jeffrey Rous at February 10. 2006

I think the custom route is going to be the best, easiest and cheapest option. I would take plenty of photos of every cabinet that needs to be changed and take them to a few custom cabinetmakers. Ask them for a price for slab doors out of a few different materials (paint-grade plywood, maple and cherry or whatever you like). Once you find one you like, have them come to your place and evaluate the situation and give you a price. I cannot believe this will cost more than $100 per door). The existing cabinets look frameless which is a more modern detail. This also means the new doors will cover up the boxes. The boxes might be off-white, but I bet they can be refinished (but probably only to a different color). Say you wanted the new doors to be walnut, I wonder if it would work out to paint the boxes black and have walnut doors added? I think I might just paint the doors and boxes a high-gloss color.

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Steven at February 11. 2006

I am ordering new aluminum doors w/ sandblasted glass inserts. For the face frames I am installing aluminum laminate to match doors. They just glue the laminate on like a countertop and use a rotozip tool to cut out the openings. I'll keep the cutouts to cover other items/accessories or perhaps make a breadbox or small appliance storage underneath the cabinets. I am painting the bottom cabinets metallic aluminium to match. Total job will be about $3200.

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by David Lopez at February 28. 2006

Im also in the process of remodeling a kitchen (in a condo and in a galley layout which looks out into the living room) and weighing my options, Ikea, Kitchen Craft Venicia, custom made etc etc...Does anyone recomend a cabinet refacer in the LA area with modern kitchen look experience?

Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by carina at January 25. 2008

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Re: Kitchen Issues - Want Modern

Posted by Mon Carl at November 08. 2012


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