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Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

by Adam Burke last modified Mar 21, 2012 11:13 PM
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Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Adam Burke at October 25. 2005

Has anyone found a good online source for kitchen and bathroom faucets? I think the smart thing to do would be to visit a showroom, but I like shopping from my office chair. I'd like to at least see prices before I set out about town.

There's all kinds of cool LOOKING stuff on Ebay for great prices, but I'm guessing this is cheap imported stuff and probably too good to be true. Man, Ebay has sure attracted the hucksters!

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Splatgirl at October 26. 2005

I've gotten a lot of stuff from Ira Wood. Decent selection and prices, decent service. Homeclick has great selection, but my experience with the service is that is sucked.

I did get three fly-by-night brand bath faucets from Ebay. They seem to be great quality, they're very unique, and the price was SO right. I'll be crushed if they don't work nice. I should know in a month or two.

I guess I don't assume the stuff imported from China or wherever is inherently bad. Recall the recent conversations here about high priced just because it's modern, and the member who's importing stuff from China personally because it's so much less expensive for equal quality...

I just don't see how a Dornbracht, faucet can be $900+ better than the sanely priced ones. If the $200 goes to crap in five or ten years, I can buy three replacements and still be ahead.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Adam Burke at October 26. 2005

I think I'm coming to the same conclusion. There are some places where it would be more disastrous to get a crummy fixture though. In a tiled shower or drop in bath, you might not know what's going on behind the tile until a lot of damage has been done. Boy oh boy, I'm starting to work on the budget for my project and the sad trith is, I can't have it all. I'm going to have to find some places to compromise. Where structure and potential water damamge are concerned, I don't want to compromise! Thanks for your help.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Adam Burke at October 26. 2005

Splatgirl, could you elaborate on your experience with Ira Wood? Their prices are pretty dang good, and I want to know if their delivery time is fairly reasonable, customer service, etc.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Julie Brown at October 26. 2005

I've had great service from Their prices seem reasonable although their website is pretty bare bones, but you might be able to froogle something better.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Jeff Jasper at October 26. 2005

That was me with the Chinese stuff. I have family there so I travel there frequently which helps.

We got our showers from Hudson Reed, don't know how good they are yet, they are installed but not used yet. They have food prices on thermostatic valves though.

The tub and bath faucets I got from China you can order from
Nice quality from a company called Oasa, some Chinese stuff IS crap so buyer beware. Since I can usually check stuff out in showrooms in China it is easier for me to weed out the junk and bad companies. I think most the faucets on Superior Bath are Oasa so they should be good and the prices are nifty, although still more than you would pay if you were in China and haggling with cash, haha.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Splatgirl at October 27. 2005

Regarding Ira Wood...
For the most part, their delivery time is really fast, but it really depends on the item. I ordered my nearly all of my kitchen and bath sinks from them, as well as my bath fans, a Danze shower valve set and some other misc. stuff, to the tune of a couple of thousand dollars.
Most of this stuff came in a couple of days. My Duravit sink took a couple of months, but I believe that is a Duravit issue rather than Ira Wood's...I've been waiting on a backordered from Germany Duravit tub since July or August from another vendor.
A couple of caveats...they charge a hefty restocking fee and/or have a pretty strict return policy. Also, the Danze shower valve I ordered came with a dented trim plate, and they referred me to Danze to have it replaced rather than having me return it. Said trim piece is backordered according to Danze.

Two of the faucets I got from Ebay are Oasa brand. They look really nice.

Re: Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Posted by Phil Jones at March 21. 2012

there are some nice bathroom fittings at Rogerseller. they stock catalano cabinets and taps and fittings from very well designed brands.


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