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Going green when buying a dining table

by jazmin2309 last modified Nov 25, 2011 09:47 AM
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Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by jazmin2309 at October 19. 2009

Going green when buying a dining table


If you are preparing to purchase a dining room table or dining room furniture you may have a lot of things going through your head as you try to decide which one is right for your home. In today's world many people are thinking of more things than the size, colour or style of furniture they purchase. You may also be thinking of the environmental impact purchasing a dining room table is going to have on the world around you.


We are much more environmentally friendly these days and are more conscious of the items we buy and the environmental impact they are causing. So, how do you buy a large piece of furniture, like a dining room table, without having too much of an impact on the environment with it? The key is just knowing how and what to buy.


The first they you should think about is purchasing recycled furniture. There are plenty of dining room tables out there that have been used by someone else yet still have a great long life in them. From antique shops to garage sales and thrift shops there are plenty of options there and a number of places where you may be able to find the perfect dining room table without using any new resources.


The next thing to do is to look for a table that is made out of recycled materials. There are plenty of environmentally conscious furniture makers these days. Many of them are looking for ways to keep items out of the landfill and instead put them back into homes as recycled furniture. From metal to wood and even plastic there is a massive market of recycled furniture. Buying these pieces can allow you to purchase something new while at the same time keeping a large amount of waste out of a landfill.


If you have a tough time finding anything in these first two categories that meets your dining table needs, perhaps you should look into the renewable resource category. What this means is that you purchase a table made out of a sustainable resource that is easily renewable. An example of this would be bamboo. This is a plant that quickly re-grows once it is cut. Essentially, a bamboo stalk that is cut down one year to make a piece of furniture can be replanted and quickly grow to be ready to be harvested at the same size again a year later. This is a much better option than cutting down large trees that have taken decades, generations or even centuries to grow.


By looking into one of these options you can enjoy the dining room table you want in your home without any of the guilt you may have had about the impact on the environment. Thankfully all of the things we buy or use these days don't have to leave a carbon footprint and thanks to advances in technology and furniture making they can also be very attractive pieces that are a perfect fit in our homes.


Re: Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by nodjr at January 28. 2010

i got nice little ideas from your description,,but i am how is it going to be more environment friendly..??

Re: Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by Riyo at February 02. 2010

I have dining room table in my house that I buy online and they are really great and durable.




Re: Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by karim rossi at March 04. 2010

Previously jazmin2309 wrote:

As per your very useful information on how to select the best table for our house, I also think that it is very important to select a table made of a material that will not damage our environment, the idea of choosing bamboo is great, and you will have a <a href="">Casual Furniture</a> or if you want something more classic or modern you can also select any table made of oak, this will give a look more classic of course.


All  we can do to contribute to protect your environment, and at the same time, give a natural and fresh look to your home.


Your comments are welcome.


Re: Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by Azula at March 09. 2010

There are lots new furniture that release on the market and the my favorite is a dining set that made in bamboo, they are really looks good and durable. And I think they are better in my house.


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Re: Going green when buying a dining table

Posted by Monica Thomson at November 25. 2011

I just bought a new dining table last week...oak, dark brown and very very classy. I am very happy with it. Plus my family can finally get together for dinner!

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