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We are (finally) moving in.

by Jeffrey Rous last modified May 09, 2011 07:15 AM
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We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by Jeffrey Rous at January 03. 2009

For those of you who have been paying attention here are LM since the Clinton administration -- or at least since GM last had a profitable quarter, you know we have been building a modern home in Farmers Branch. Well, we are finally moving in. I'll post some new pics as soon as I find the camera and take some.

I started out blogging about the process here are LM, but gave up once the screw ups became too overwhelming to recount. Things started to go a lot more smoothly, albeit not more quickly, once I fired the builder and took over myself. I need to give a big round of applause to LM's own Tom Greico, a Dallas builder whose advice and phone numbers were invaluable in getting this done. Thanks Tom.

Of course, for a lot of the custom details I wanted, (attaching Polygal to structural steel, etc.) I just had to do the work myself -- and I have the neurologist bills to prove it.

I also need to thank my neighbor Steve, whose generosity with his time, energy and pickup truck (thanks for upgrading to the Tacoma for me!) was more helpful than I could ever begin to explain.

I still have enough little projects to keep me busy for a year's worth of weekends, but at least I won't have to drive over to the house to work on them.


Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by richierod at January 05. 2009

Congratulations Jeffrey! That was a long time coming! I'm still working on weekend projects on mine.....  can't wait to see more pics, and hear the gory details when you're ready!




Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by Jonathan Oltmann at January 05. 2009
Awesome Jeff, glad to see you are finally getting to move in, although your old neighborhood will miss you. Let us know when you are all settled and we can bring over a bottle of wine to break the new place in.

Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by jonathan delcambre at January 06. 2009
Congrats! Can't wait to stop by and see it. Did you end up using showcase doors and windows?

Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by Jeffrey Rous at January 08. 2009

We did go with Showcase windows and doors. I'd use the windows again, but I wish we had spent the $$$ and used Thermal for the doors. There are two reasons for this. First, the track is also vinyl so it is sort of floppy. This means you have to have a really stable and level substructure. We had a trough (like a brick ledge) built into the slab where the doors would go so that the threshold/track would not sit up 2" high. The trough was designed to be deep enough to hold a piece of pressure treated wood and the door would sit on that. But the foundation wasn't level and then neither was the wood. So, instead of shimming up the wood, the builder put the wood down and put the shims between the wood and the vinyl track. As the track is floppy, the shims gave the track waves. But that is a builder issue (one of many). Second, the biparting nature of the doors combined with the wavey track makes it a little bit of a hassle to close and lock the doors at times. Not a big deal... unless you are in and out a lot.

Also, the window hardware (awnings and casements) sticks out a bit, making it a pain to use many types of window treatments.

All the other window issues we had were 100% builder error.... Oh, I could go on and on.

Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by Jason at January 14. 2009

Jeffrey - congrats on the completion.

I used Thermal Windows on our house and I can attest the quality is fantastic. Expensive, but it is worth it. Especially on the sliding doors.


Don't sweat the small details. That is the danger of building your own house. You see all kinds of problems that no one will ever pick up on. I am still convinced that if you want the perfect house, you have to build the SAME house twice! ;)

Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by richierod at February 02. 2009

We are patiently waiting..... OK maybe not so patiently....




Re: We are (finally) moving in.

Posted by Kate peters at May 09. 2011

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