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Just bought in Agave

by Sharon Love last modified Mar 03, 2013 05:25 PM
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Just bought in Agave

Posted by Sharon Love at February 04. 2006

Hi - I've been a lurker here for a while, jumping in on the Agave topic. Put a contract down yesterday! These things are hot, multiple offers on the same houses.

I bought on Agatha Circle. The lot isn't at the top of the hill, went one street down as it is a lot quieter (no pun intended) and the view is nicer (IMHO). I bought the Lawrence Group design (not on the website anymore, 2 story, living space on 2nd floor, window wall to the view). A good friend is buying 2 houses down.

As for the neighborhood, I looked at it quite a bit (single woman paranoia you know). I saw kids out at night - but with parents. The houses down the hill aren't expensive, but I didn't see things in disrepair (no more than I do in my current central neighborhood - which is usually considered one of the best neighborhoods). I used to live in DC and saw the same type of growth go on there - good developments put in huh? locations that were on a generally on a slow but postive trend. The upscale houses had impact - turned into great neighborhoods and great investments. This includes areas near prisons and such. Commute is king and this location has access to highways and downtown that will make it work. Local amenities follow people, not the other way around. I'm emailing Starbucks today so they can start planning a spot nearby. All righty...stepping down off my soap box...'nuff said

For anyone else who bought in Agave, Howdy future neighbor! Would be great to connect - would be great to share insight as to the build process (neighbors watching out for neighbors!) and to get to know a few people!

Post back if you heading to Agave - or thinking about it. :cool:

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at February 04. 2006

I have posted here a bunch about Agave and should hear back from them this week about plans for one of the top lots and, with a little luck, putting down a deposit. My current next door neighbor is about to put down a deposit on one of the KRDB esigns and his best friend the same. All the people with whom I've talked seem to be great folks and I am VERY excited about the vibe of this up and coming development.

I have a question for you - could you email me off list at

Thanks and congrats!

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Heather Mabry at February 08. 2006


I've got a contract pending in Agave as well. I was the 4th buyer to purchase the Earl Swisher (Lawrence Group) design a little over a month ago. I actually bought the same home as you, selove! I'm very excited about it - I had a meeting with the builder today to go over the plans and I was even able to preview some of the interior selections. They are going to be offering top notch stuff - silestone countertops, modern european cabinets, bamboo flooring on the top floor, etc. The lower level will have concrete floors that are really cool - they look like terrazo (sp?).

I'm a single girl as well so we should look out for each other and we can help shopping tips for furniture for our cool new homes! Feel free to email me,

I think we're gonna have quite a neat little community once all is said and done!


Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jacqueline Gross at February 09. 2006

I'm the good friend two doors down and am super excited about all of this. I am so glad to be meeting people that are going to be living around me before I even get there. I've lived in places for years without ever saying more then hi to my neighbors.

I will be at 5421 in a Casa Bella. My closing date is August 15th (I'm not in any kind of rush), although people are warning me that closing dates on new homes tend to slip.

I'm also a single female and concerned with safety. Sharon and I had toyed with buying lot(s) and building houses a little less East, but we felt a lot less safe. I do not have these kinds of concerns in this neighborhood. It just feels good. The only concession I felt I needed to make is that I upgraded from a carport to a garage, but even if I hadn't been able to do that, I'm not sure it would have bothered me a ton.

I'm hoping that the influx professionals to this area starts the area booming and we won't have to wait long before we can get great food and shopping really close-by. And I know one person in our neighborhood already lobbying for a Starbucks.....

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Mark Meyer at February 09. 2006

How about instead of a Starbucks, a nice home-grown coffee house that would really care about the neighborhood, instead of the corporate bottom line? Just a thought.

I'm still waiting . . .

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at February 09. 2006

Very glad to see all of you that have put down money. My wife and I (and two young kids) are still waiting to hear about some proposed changes to one of Travis Young's (Studio Momentum) designs for the 7301 Ava Lane lot (yes the really BIG one at the top of the hill). I think it's too big, but the views are great. Keep you fingers crossed for us, I hope we can join the land of the pending sale club soon!

Regarding safety, considering the folks that I know (including you guys) that are moving out there, I think we'll be in great shape - we'll all watch each others backs and have some of the best block parties in all of Austin!

As for coffee, it's a must - Starbucks or whatever!!!!! There is a mixed-use building proposed for the Southeast corner as you enter Agave - I vote for a coffee shop and a wine/cheese shop! I guess a Central Market East is a ways off though :(.

All my best,

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Sharon Love at February 09. 2006

Much better (my bad on the Starbucks...). Maybe a drive up at the end of Sendaro Hills so we can pick up on the way out

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jacqueline Gross at February 10. 2006

Give me a GOOD wine/cheese shop and I can live without Central Market for a while.

I also agree with local places as opposed to big chains, if I had a pick. At least until I see the high wine prices :).

dissapointing news . . .

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at February 18. 2006

I just got word from Carrie that the redesign we suggested and were hoping for on a Travis Young house was not approved, so we're back to the drawing board. Everytime I think we're going to get to the point of putting down a deposit and moving forward, something falls through. Travis is working on another design for 7301 Ava Ln lot that may be ready to look at soon and Kevin Stewart has a new, larger, design coming in this week, my fingers are crossed!!!!!!!!

Anyone else have agave news?????


Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Sharon Love at February 19. 2006

Bummer - that's a shame they couldn't do the mod. We went out yesterday (and nearly froze to death) to check things out. Lots of progress over the last week. The Casa Bella on Agatha Lane is about to get drywall. I'm loving the stairs - very nice. The polished concrete is pretty nifty too. My realtor met with the new design person (forget her name right now) and saw samples of flooring, cabinets, counters, tile. He says it's all great stuff, he thinks they'll start raising the prices pretty quickly. He also looked at the houses under construction was very happy with the construction.

I've had several mods tenetatively agreed too. My carport will be a garage (hurray!). The front of the Lawrence Group/Swisher was really lacking windows that open. I keep the windows open a lot, so this was a big thing for me. We're adding windows into the kitchen like in the Casa Bella (between the lower and upper cabinets) and another large opening window in the living room. They did a great job moving the washer/dryer around and putting in a pantry. And, very cool, they moved the sink dishwaser to the outer facing section of the kitchen (so much nicer for doing dishes).

So they are flexing on stuff - these were all little changes, but I think my realtor also did a really good job making the case for the changes. Or maybe it depends on the architect?

Did you see the $295K double lot house? 1750 sq ft + 400ft studio.

Emily Little

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at February 19. 2006

I did see the E.L. design - which is beautiful and w/ the studio could fit our needs, but I and my wife do not like the location of the lot; that'll be a busy and noisy, not very kid friendly, and has no views.

The design changes I was asking for were fairly extensive and there was concern from the architect and builder about the western exposure with amount of glass on that side of the house and the fact that it's a 3 story design on one of the top lots (even though I was open to situating the house further down the hill). Oh well, here's hoping that something else works out - in the meantime, we're looking into other options:(

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jeff Joiner at February 25. 2006

Howdy neighbors - I just put a contract on the 5th Earl Swisher house, at 5333 Sendero Hills. I'm super excited about the development and can't wait to move in. Just had the first meeting with the builder last week and should be choosing the interior and exterior colors soon. Selove, glad I saw that you're adding those windows to the kitchen. I was just considering that myself!



Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Sharon Love at February 25. 2006

OH - IT's YOU! YOU - the one who took my lot!!! And now you want to leverage my carefully considered improvements! Grmmmppph

LOL, no worries, I decided I like Agatha Circ better. Two houses down from a friend and the whole thing just came together for me. But, you owe me a nice bottle of wine when you move in as I had to so some major recalibration post your winning bid.

OK, enough venting. Welcome oh fellow Agavean Swisherite! Glad to have you aboard. I'm headed out their tomorrow to see the progress. The CB looked good last week, though I was there not very long as it was cooooollllllddddd. The stairs are exceptionally nice. My realtor had a meeting to review my requested changes, and they were up for those windows, as well as making the carport a garage. The open item right now is opening windows in the front room. My geeky little heart is hoping beyond hope that I can get the tall window on the stair side to I found a motorized window opener...with a remote...or an upgrade option to automatically close if the rain is sensored...between that and the solar shade that open and close based on sunlight, I'm going to call my house GeekHaven. But, we are still working on the windows in the front - highly probably is a window added on the non stair side that opens, making the third front window open (hmmm, if I'm repeating myself, I'm sorry). Now I just have to get that window on the stair side to open...automatically :):):). They are also exploring tub upgrades and another window in the master bath. Yes, I have a thing about windows.

I'm headed out tomorrow to see what's new. Hoping to walk on the second floor of the Swisher.

If you (or any future neighbor) would like to join the Agave newsgroup, email



Posted by Rachel Norrod at March 05. 2006

My husband and I just found out we're moving to Austin last week, and found this site today. Where the heck is Agave? Although I went to UT, it was several years ago, and have been in MI and NY since (talk about cccccccooolllllllllllddddddddd!).

Would love to check out a site w/ pics of this up-and-coming area.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at March 06. 2006

Visit this website for more details. Basically it's a sub-division of modern homes just 6 miles East of down town.

Happy Hunting,

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jason Saldana at March 08. 2006

I've got a general question for anyone reading this, whether you are buying in agave or not...

I just started considering buying a house out there, and it seems to be quite a different animal than my hunt for pre-existing housing . My question is, should I get my real estate agent involved in the deal? I'm not sure how commissions work on a development like this, and I'd hate to lose out on a house because Green Mango went with an offer from someone who they didn't have to hand over 3% to. At the same time, I have never bought a house and I want to make sure my interests are being looked after every step of the way.

Any advice?

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by James Sharp at March 11. 2006
Hay! Just put a contract on the FAB house @ 5412 Sendero. REALLY excited about the neighborhood...I'm guessing more than a few of us will have dogs. We have two great danes. I suggested to Stuart that maybe a good use of a portion of the floodplain property @ Sendero and MLK could be a simple community dog park (Agave'rs get a key into the fenced area). Not that I want HOA fees to explode but curious if there is interest as the developer seems open to ideas... Looking forward to meeting our neighbors soon!8)

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at March 11. 2006


I and my family are going out to have a picnic at Agave this evening and check out the sunset. Just want to spend more time there at different times of the day.

Travis Young is supposed to have prelim plans for our lot in a week - fingers remained crossed!


Re: Just bought in Agave / DOG PARK

Posted by Jeff Joiner at March 14. 2006

I think the dog park is a GREAT idea. I have a chocolate lab who would love to hang out with his canine neighbors. Maybe that can be part of the coffee-wine-cheese-bistro-overlooking-the-floodplain area. Just a thought...

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jason L Hampton at March 18. 2006

What a great site this is! ...and how awesome is it that people are coming together online to build a community prior to move in. My partner, Tommy, and I signed a contract on an Agave home today. We are buying the second KRDB 2015 home on Sandero Hills Pkwy. We toured the property last weekend with Stuart and a couple of new neighbors. What great people! Thanks for the postings. Everyone's comments played a role in why we decided to buy. We really look forward to moving in October 2006. Can't wait to meet you guys!

Jason and Tommy

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Darlene Barber at March 23. 2006

Hey Everyone! my husband and I were out there a few weeks ago and the area looks great! What a view. Does anyone know about the train and how often it runs? Some of the lots are right along the tracks, and we're wondering if that's a problem? Any thoughts?


Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at March 23. 2006

I've driven out there a A LOT of times and have only seen a train twice. I currently live very close to the same tracks, but closer to town and the train seems to be quite random - there seems to be no set schedule. Several days go by with nothing and then I have heard 3 trains in one day - but that's rare.

There is a long range plan for a lightrail train on those tracks, but I believe is years down the road. I think this is good and bad - more traffic, but great access to the city.

Some of the lower lots will get rattled when it goes by for sure.


Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Jason Saldana at March 24. 2006

I've been informed that the train runs twice daily, but I also live near these tracks in another section of town and I've definitely seen them go unused for days at a time.

Capital Metro owns this track, and as Rob said, they do plan on incorporating it into their commuter rail. It looks like their current plan has it listed as a Regional commuter rail - providing express service from Manor. Not sure what the means for a stop near agave. This is many, many years down the road.

More info here:

TRAIN, etc.

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at March 24. 2006

Great link about the capmetro plan - thanks!

Here are some random thoughts . . .

Between that and the new 130 toll way, it will be very interesting to see how this all effect a number of things, i.e. future developments, property values, traffic on MLK/expansion??? This could be really good for agave as it may become considered a close-in subdivision in the next 5 - 10 years.

I do worry about the number of vehicles on MLK increasing exponentially however and the noise level and increased travel time associated with that. I wonder how long it will be before a light is put in at the intersection of MLK/Sendaro Hills?

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Darlene Barber at March 24. 2006

Thanks so much! This is a huge help. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you real soon!!

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at March 25. 2006

It's finally official - we have put down a deposit on a home in Agave!!! Assuming all goes well from here, we'll be moving into a house at 7301 Ava Ln!


Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by Ana Watson at March 30. 2006

Could someone give me a general idea of the deposit amount required to put down on house there. Is it fixed or a percentage of the selling price?

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by James Coggeshall at March 31. 2006


This is James at 5341 Sendero Hills. Mine is the house just north of the sales office/trailers lot.

For the deposit, I had to put down $1000, which did not appear to be related at all to the sale price. I then could cancel with a full refund within 30 days. I also had to get financing within 90 days, or something like that.


Posted by Robert M. Carnochan at April 01. 2006

I had to put down $2000, but they said that was due to the larger lot/house, hence price tag. Same deal, we can walk away within 30 days with full refund.

7301 Ava Ln

Re: Just bought in Agave

Posted by The Chapmans at April 02. 2006

This is sweet that all of you Agave home buyers have started posting on this site. My husband and I have been reading it for some time as we considered buying. We're moving out from California, so it's taken a while to get the decision made. He flew out there last week to check it out. He said all's a go, so we sent in our deposit and our contract yesteray.

We are super excited about the earlier talk for a dog park and a cheese shop. We enjoy both of these things to the upmost. We're also excited to live near people who care about the environment. This was the biggest draw for us is that these homes are so green. Not to mention that the plans are sweet!

For those of you who have been through the selection process, are there any recommendations that you would make?

Anyway, I hope that we all keep this message board up so we can stay ahead of the game, and into the loop of any new developments. Keep talking!

I can't wait to meet you all in a Oct. when we move in!


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