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Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

by Kip Rupp last modified Dec 05, 2005 12:07 AM
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Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Kip Rupp at September 19. 2005

We live in town now (in a loft) and are beginning the process of looking for property in town to purchase with the plan to build a contemporary/modern house on the property at some point in the future (3 or 5 years, maybe sooner). Before going out looking for property, I figure I should try to talk with a few local builders and/or contemporary/modern architects first to get some insight, suggestions, and any other helpful information regarding this process.

Does anyone know of any good local builders (contemporary ones would be ideal but not critical) and/or architects that would be good for us to talk with and who would be willing to talk with us? I suspect we'll have to do a tear down verus buying raw land, which creates additional nuances I am sure.

Any suggestions are much appreicated!

architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Cara Cummins at September 19. 2005

There is alot of land available in Atlanta.
1. You have to know how to look (it is not as easy)
2.You have to Know what you want ---and
3.You have to know what you can afford.

And that is alot of information. We work with clients often to help define that list.
First I ask- do you have kids and are those kids going to go to public school? Do you want them to walk to school? Alot of neighborhoods fall out of the running because of those questions alone.
So maybe you don't have kids, -so perhaps you can wait for a neighborhood to bloom (and everything intown will bloom sooner than later).

However that is the difference between builders and Architects. Builders have a product in a place, that they will build for you. But what they build for you is not different than what they would build for someone else.

Typically when you work with an Architect, you then hire a Contractor to execute (ie, build)
the design that you and your Architect have collaborated together on.

Whereas a builder tells you what, where, and how much the product(the home) will cost. And If you don't buy it, someone else will.

In short (very short) That is the difference.

We will speak about that on Tuesday!

Re: Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Gregory Walker at September 19. 2005

kiprupp -

hi. if you are still looking at anywhere beyond a year out from wanting to start a building project, the first thing i would suggest is to get the property. given how tight the supply of land intown is, if you can afford to buy and hold for a little while, that would be ideal.
to answer your question about talking to architects or builders, a list can be put together, but can you give some more ideas about what you are looking to do? there are a lot of builders, in all types of price ranges. personally, i'd recommend starting with an architect (full disclosure - well, i am an architect. what can i say...). mostly, this is because they would be able to help figure out what can be done with the land, etc. and can 'see' more potential than most of the builders here. one caveat; don't expect too many architects to devote a lot of time if you're horizon to build is so far away. if the goal is to get a piece of property now, then, personally, i would start with looking in a neighborhood you want to live in and buy on that. most good architects can work with whatever you bring to them.

as to the list: besides our humble little firm (, i'd recommend the following firms: g+g architects; jude leblanc, architect; mack scogin merrill elam architects; plexus r+d. all have varying takes on contemporary work - try to find one that strikes some resonance with your ideal for the house. all, also, have websites. google should bring them up.

good luck...

Re: Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Kip Rupp at September 24. 2005

Thanks for the comments and insight you guys - much appreciated. The initial goal is to get property now, and build on it in the next 3 - 5 years (if we can control ourselves and don't get too antsy before then). We don't have any kids and don't plan to, so schools aren't an issue, other than being in proximity to decent schools is generally good for real estate values. In looking at an ATL map, at this point we think we'd like to be in the 30308 area code, which hopefully will provide reasonable land costs and improvement opportunities over time. I think we'd like to eventually build something that is about 3,000 sq. feet (excluding a roof top terrace and/or other outside areas). So I guess we'll be looking for something that has enough land to accomodate that, with some room to spare for flexibility.

I hope to have one or two more conversation before looking for property in earnest, but it sounds like we need to get out there are start looking.

Thanks again!!!

Kip Rupp

Re: Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by kimba rizzo at October 14. 2005

we are also trying to build a house and are a bit further along in the process. our architects are Dencity designs, they have been great with our requests and budget. try their site; you can contact me if you have any questions
- kimbajean

Re: Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Bonnie Fishman at December 02. 2005

I just finished a 6,000 square foot modern house in East Cobb -- as close to the perimeter as you can get without going inside (we have kids and like the schools here but are IP people). Our architect was from San Fran and amazing. Although my house sticks out among the land of McMansions, it has been met with approval by everyone who stops to look at it. If you're interested, I'll forward the info to you about him.

Re: Good builders/contemporary architects to talk to in ATL??

Posted by Adam Phillips at December 05. 2005

i have only heard good things about these guys too...Atlanta Modern Homes
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